Blackjack casinos

There are many blackjack casinos online who offer Blackjack Games. But in order to get some winnings out of a blackjack game, it`s important to at least know what the stakes of the game are. But most importantly it`s important to know how and when to use a strategy.

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Rules of online blackjack

Before the players receive a card from the croupier, each player must first place his bet. The player must take into account the minimum and maximum bet on the table. At most blackjack tables you can choose from: Low, standard or high bet. For example, you can place a bet of € 0.10 for the low bet. Each bet must be equal to or higher than the minimum bet and can only be increased by a multiple of the minimum bet. So when the minimum deposit is €

5 then you can`t bet € 7.50. But if you want to spend more than €10, you have to put € 10.

After the bets have been placed, the dealer or croupier begins his first round. The croupier shares each participating blackjack player (active box) and turns in turn one and two cards.

After the dealer has opened all the cards for the player and himself, he first looks for players who have shared a blackjack. A blackjack is therefore a sum of 21 achieved with the first two cards (an Ace and a random order).

If the bank also has an Ace or 10 as the first card, the bank also has a chance of playing Blackjack. If the bank does not share this one, he can still score 21 points but not a blackjack (which consists of 2 cards) In this case, theplayer wins and pays the bank directly 1.5 times the placed bet placed by the blackjack player.

Normally, a winning hand pays (if you do not win with a blackjack) once you bet, so you get half bet your bet bonus when you win with a blackjack. This bonus is called the Blackjack Bonus.

Even money or insurance

The bank offers the players who have shared a blackjack in this case the opportunity for "Even Money". The possibility of "Even Money" means that the player with blackjack immediately receives his bet. In this case he chooses for the certainty of profit and lets the possible Blackjack bonus shoot. If he does not accept the opportunity of "Even Money" then can play further. When the croupier has shared an Ace or a 10 as the first card, thus making a chance of Blackjack, players who do not have a blackjack can continue to insure themselves against a possible Blackjack from the bank. This is called "Insurance".

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