Blackjack for free

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, both on the web and in real casinos around the world. Many gamblers are not aware that there are a lot of popular blackjack variants. While the general rules of all Blackjack variations are similar to those of regular Blackjack. You must also try to score a better hand than the dealer without exceeding 21 points. The most popular variations include Double Exposure Blackjack, Double Attack Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21 and Super Fun 21. The various online blackjack variants can be played with a strategy.

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Blackjack variations

Double Exposure Blackjack - with the Double Exposure variation, both cards of the dealer are visible. This also comes directly from the name of the variation. The rules are the same except: The dealer wins a Tie behavior with Blackjack (Hard 21), A Blackjack for the player is paid equally, you may split only once

Double Attack Blackjack: This is also a Blackjack variation. In this game, all card with a number ten have been taken out of the game, making you play 48 cards with 52 cards. This is also called a Spanish deck. Double Attack Blackjack is played with the same rules as regular Blackjack, but there is an extra Side bet option that allows you to win a big win in an extraordinary way.

Spanish 21: is also played with a Spanish deck (48 cards). This game is also played according to the regular rules of Blackjack. At Spanish 21, a player receives a payout of 3 to 2 when they score 21 points with 5 cards. 21 with 6 cards pays 2 on 1 and 21 consisting of 7 cards pays 3 to 1. (Not all live casino websites offer this blackjack game)

Blackjack Switch: With Blackjack Switch, each player is divided into two hands at once. After these hands are shared, players can switch the cards to improve their hands. Players must place a separate bet for each hand.

Super Fun 21: Super Fun 21 is also a Blackjack variation with multiple payouts in force. In this game players win directly when they have a hand of 6 or more cards that have 20 or less points. In addition, players immediately win the double of their bet if they score 21 points with 5 or more cards. Players can split their cards up to four times, the dealer always draws a card on "Soft 17" and Blackjack players always win regardless of whether the dealer also has Blackjack or not. These rules make this Blackjack variant extremely fun and profitable.

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