Blackjack tips

Are you a beginner blackjack player or never played blackjack? Then it's useful to read a few blackjack tips first so that you get well battered. Playing blackjack in an internet casino or in a real casino differs quite differently. Both have pros and cons. Also, both have specific characteristics. The blackjack tips are therefore classified based on the location where the game is played: in the online casino or real casino.

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First play default blackjack variant

There are many blackjack variants as shown above in the menu under "Blackjack games". One of the important blackjack tips is to practice first with the standard blackjack variant. This is also the blackjack game played at the casinos in the Netherlands and Dutch know the rules of this variant best. In other countries, other variants are also widely used. These are the other blackjack variants included under the "Blackjack games". As a starting player, it is not advisable to play different variants in an online casino in a row. Then you will not learn the rules of the game quickly and will soon stop at a loss.

Free blackjack for beginners

Free Blackjack is the major blackjack tip about the standard blackjack variant, it's very important that you do not immediately play with a lot of money. Practice first and then for real money. All internet casinos on the right have the opportunity to play free blackjack first. Also on this page you will find direct links to the free blackjack games. You do not have to register or deposit money.

Keep yourself under control at profit or losses

There are blackjack players who can respond very emotionally and responsibly to the outcomes of the game. This is also called a tilt. Everyone responds to a long loss series. One player becomes silent, the other starts to curse and again sets another state of the table and walks away without saying anything. A common mistake in long loss series is to increase the bet. There are two sides: you can make up for the loss or you can lose even more at the casino. In general, it is only advisable to increase the bet if you have a win. You can then get maximum profit or run for a break. That sounds much better? It is very important to have the right mindset.

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